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eCommerce Website Questions

What is WaaS?
WaaS, or website-as-a-service, allows businesses to easily create and manage a website without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources and includes a ready-made website, hosting, and optimization services to ensure high performance.

Our WaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to establish an online presence quickly and affordably with easy access to manage their eCommerce website from anywhere, at any time.
What is included in 123LiveStore's WaaS Package?
■ Pre-designed eCommerce-enabled website with a shopping cart, checkout, and customer account-related pages
■ 1-year managed hosting
■ SSL encryption - highly secure
■ Easy to use CMS
■ Various themes to choose from
■ Fully responsive
■ Blogging system
■ Pages: About | Blog | Shop | FAQ | Contact
■ Draft versions of legal pages
■ GDPR compliance
■ Social media icons
■ WhatsApp chat integration
■ Multi-language capability
■ SMTP functionality
■ Basic SEO functionality
■ Newsletter subscription feature
■ Free listing in the Online Directory - enjoy exposure and free traffic
■ Free access to the Academy - a knowledge vault with eBooks and videos
■ Optional participation in the 123LiveStore Referral Program
Can I use my own domain name for my eCommerce store?
Absolutely! You can buy your own domain name separately from a domain registrar and when you activate your website, you can specify the domain name you purchased. If you need assistance, open a support ticket and one of our support team will help you out.
How much does the 123LiveStore WaaS Package cost?
We like to keep things simple. We offer one product and one price and that's it. The 123LiveStore Package is US$600 a year.
How do I get started?
Start by registering. Once your registration is completed and verified, you can then purchase the 123LiveStore Package to activate your eCommerce store. During the activation process, you can choose the design that best suits your business. Add your logo and products, configure your payment processor, and email, and you are good to go. 
Can I make updates to my website on my own?
Absolutely! You can change your theme, font, colors, displayed images, etc. No technical knowledge is required. Everything is forms-driven and very user-friendly but if you need help, we are more than happy to assist.
Is there a limit to the number of products I can sell?
No there's no limit imposed on the number of products you can sell.
Is my website data secure?
Yes, we take security very seriously! All sites are monitored and secured with free SSL certificates (https) 24/7. Backups are fully automated but you can also initiate additional manual backups. Channels are fully encrypted, making data sharing safe and painless.
What products or services are prohibited to be offered for sale?
These products and services are prohibited:
■ Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
■ Tobacco products and related items
■ Alcoholic beverages
■ Firearms and ammunition
■ Explosives and fireworks
■ Hazardous chemicals and toxic substances
■ Counterfeit goods
■ Hacking tools and services
■ Pirated or copyrighted material
■ Hate speech or hate symbols
■ Unsolicited or spam emails
■ Stolen property
■ Products made from endangered species or wildlife
■ Adult products and services
■ Fake IDs or documents
■ Human body parts or remains
■ Pyramid / Ponzi schemes
■ Gambling and lottery services
■ Any product or service that we deem unethical or offensive. If you are unsure, please check with us.
How do I collect payment for products and services sold on my website?
We DO NOT collect payments on your behalf for your online store sales. After activating your website, you need to configure your payment options - you can use PayPal, Stripe, or Direct Bank Transfers to accept payments for orders placed on your website. You will receive the payments directly from your payment processor who may charge you a small transaction fee for each order. We do not charge you any commission or deduct anything from your store sales. You keep 100% of your net sales. 
Who handles customer disputes for my store sales?
You do! It is your store and you are the store owner who sold to your customer and received payment from your customer so you will have to deal with your own customer disputes. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Returns and Refund Policy are clear. We provide you with an initial draft which you can edit according to your needs.
Can I migrate my website to a different host?
Yes, you can. You are not locked in at all. Each and every website is set up with its own individual database, unlike some hosts where you are one of the many sites in a multi-site setup and migration is a nightmare. 
* NOTE: If you migrate to a different host, make sure the server license required to run a 123LiveStore WaaS is included. Any additional license fees imposed by your new host is entirely your responsibility. 

Academy Related Questions

What is the 123LiveStore Academy?
The 123LiveStore Academy is a knowledge vault that offers eBooks and video tutorials on topics related to running an eCommerce business including internet marketing and it is included in the 123LiveStore eCommerce Package. Content are created to provide online business owners with the knowledge they need to be successful. Subject matters including the fundamentals of online marketing to cutting-edge tactics for business growth are written by experts who are authorities in their respective fields.
What type of content does the Academy offer?
eCommerce, Internet marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, SEO, and other subjects are covered in the Academy's knowledge base. The intention is to give online business owners a one-stop shop for all of their educational requirements so they can learn and apply the knowledge to kickstart and grow their businesses.
Is there a fee to access the eBooks and video tutorials?
If you have subscribed to the 123LiveStore eCommerce Package, access to the Academy is 100% free of charge for the duration of your subscription.
How often is your content updated?
We are constantly researching and observing market trends to create or update content in the Academy.
Can I download the eBooks and videos for offline viewing?
No, you cannot download (unless the content is in PDF format).
How do I access the Academy's knowledge vault?
To access the Academy, you must have an active subscription that is valid. Log in and navigate to the Academy and click on any of the eBooks or videos you wish to read or view.
Is the content accessible on all devices?
Yes we try and make all content accessible on all devices.
Which language is the content available in?
The default language for all content is English but we do intend to have them translated into other languages in due course.
Is there a limit to the number of eBooks or video tutorials I can access?
No, you are not restricted in any way as long as your subscription is active and valid.
How do I get support if I have technical issues or need help with the vault's content?
If you need any assistance, the easiest way is to open a support ticket or contact our live chat support to get assistance.

Referral Program Questions

What is the referral program for?
The referral program is an opportunity for our customers to earn rewards by referring their friends to our website. By sharing your unique referral link, you can help your friends discover our WaaS and earn rewards for yourself in the process. Participation in the referral program is optional.
How do I refer others?
You can refer others by sharing your unique referral link with them. This link can be found in your account on our website. Simply provide your friend with the link, and when they purchase the 123LiveStore Package through it, you will receive a referral reward.
What rewards do I receive for making a referral?
Referral rewards are based on the H.I.P. System. Click here for details.
Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?
There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn.
How do I receive my reward for making a referral?
Your referral reward will be credited to your account once your referral has made a purchase through your unique referral link. Referral rewards are calculated and credited in real time.
How do I withdraw funds to my Bank account?
if you wish to withdraw funds to your Bank account, you must submit a withdrawal request and we will process your request accordingly.
How do I track my referrals and rewards?
Every subscriber has a unique referral ID and you can track your referrals and rewards in your account on our website.
How do I protect my referral efforts?
When someone clicks the link you shared with them, the cookie life countdown begins. If the user does not complete the lead capture form within 30 days, the platform will no longer recognize the user as being referred by you. So if someone else sends this same user their link and this user now clicks on their link, a cookie is again set for the next 30 days and if the user decides to complete the lead capture form this time around, then the system will record the user as being referred by the other person and not you.

On the other hand, if the user received the link from the other referrer during the 30-day period after first clicking on your link, you will still be credited as being the referrer if the user completes the lead capture form as your cookie is still valid and therefore has priority over the other referrer.

If the user clicks on your link again after the 30-day period has expired, a new 30-day cookie will again be set and you will still be recognized as the referrer if the user completes the lead capture form during this new 30-day period as long as no other referrer's cookies were set in between and are still valid.

In the simplest terms, the first lead capture form to capture the lead will be the designated Referrer. This is all automated and seamless.
Can I refer people who live in different countries?
Absolutely! The world is your oyster. Share your link with anyone anywhere in the world, as long as they can make an online payment for their subscription.
Can I participate in the referral program if I am not a customer?
If you are not a customer, it means you do not have an active or valid subscription. While you can still refer others, you will not earn any of the referral rewards because the one condition to earn referral rewards is that at the time of crediting the reward, the recipient must have an active subscription or the reward will be forfeited.
Are there any restrictions on using my referral rewards?
Referral rewards are credited in real-time to your eWallet. You can use the funds to pay for subscription renewal or to purchase another package. You can also request to withdraw the funds to your Bank account.
How does the referral program benefit those I shared my referral link with?
Those you referred can discover our WaaS and enjoy the benefits of our offerings plus they can also participate in the referral program themselves to earn an additional side income.
Do I have to pay any income tax on my referral rewards?
Referral rewards we pay out are not pre-taxed. We pay you what you have earned without any tax deductions. You are responsible for your own taxes and it is your responsibility to report your referral rewards to your country's income tax authorities.

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